Camille Camille – Golden

Camille Camille brings ‘Golden’ at ‘Palace on the Meir’! A real palace in the middle of the Meir – the main Antwerp shopping street. The Palace on the Meir was a must-have for some very important rulers such as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, William I and the Belgian Royal family. The famous architect Jan Pieter van Baurscheit designed this building for the rich nobleman Johan van Susteren in 1745. At the start of the 19th century, the palace fell into the hands of Emperor Napoleon and quickly received an Empire-style make-over. After Napoleon’s defeat, the palace passed on to William I, King of the United Netherlands. When the curtain fell over the United Netherlands in the year 1830, the Belgian Royal family became the palace’s proud owner. During the late sixties, the palace was a vibrant centre for modern arts and film.

A session in collaboration with Open Monumenten, a nonprofit organization that unites more than 250 monuments, archaeological sites, landscapes, sailing heritage in their Network of Open Monuments.

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